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Loughran Gallery

/Brand Creation & Identity

//Logo design, corporate literature & website


The Brief:

To create a brand identity for a new art gallery based in Preston within the renowned William Loughran luxury car showroom, as well as for their sub-brand, The Loughran Gallery Pop Up, based in London. LC Design was brought in with Digital Potion to create the logo and website, followed by corporate literature and promotional materials.


The client provided a clear remit - the identity design had to be minimal yet memorable, keeping the art front and centre, so that the design supported the art rather then fighting for attention with it.  Our challenge was therefore to completely strip away any unnecessary ornamentation and let the art speak for itself, but to ensure the gallery had a distinctive personality.


Our Solution:

We kept the logo design extremely pure, using an almost monochrome palate, but with a slight tint of blue to the greys, and used two weights of the same font, giving visual preference to the name Loughran (the gallery owner's surname) with weight, size and colour. 


Our website design focused on showcasing the art, keeping the brand strong and pure but not distracting, with a heavy use of white space and minimalist contemporary layout. For a more detailed look, go to the Loughran Gallery website. Our digital partners Digital Potion provided the digital strategy, content management system and search optimisation on the project.


The Loughran Gallery Pop Up sub-brand operates in exciting and unique venues across London, with a slightly different target market to their main gallery and a refreshing approach to art. We therefore retained the clear contemporary style and layout, but used a retro style from the pop art movement of the sixties, heavily influenced by Lichtenstein.


In addition, we designed all art labels, price list and artist biographies for the main gallery, and launch event invitations for both the launch at Loughran Gallery and for the pop up gallery.




//Loughran Gallery - Brand Identity

  • Brand Identity - Logo
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  • Brand Identity - Website