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Platinum Gain

/Brand Development

// Logo Design & Corporate Literature


The Brief:

To create a brand for a start-up boutique IFA firm including logo development and corporate literature production (business cards, compliment slips and letterhead).  The company name ‘Platinum Gain’ had already been chosen prior to our involvement and the client wanted our designs to add some strength to that name.   


Our Solution:

Our designs drew on the meaning behind platinum as an element:  Platinum metals often occur in copper deposits and platinum is obtained as a bi-product from mining nickel and copper.  We used this process as our inspiration for the logo and built a shell design gradually progressing from the lower value copper colours through to silver white, representing the precious metal status of platinum.  This design perfectly symbolises the organic and sustainable growth which underlines the principle role of the client – to achieve stable and sustainable growth in wealth on behalf of their clients. 




Platinum Gain Brand Development

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