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    Les undertsands what we want and consistantly delivers excellent work at great value

    Simon Price

    - Director, Price Partnership

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Loughran Gallery

/Exhibition Branding

//Brand & Marketing Materials Design

We have had the pleasure of working with Loughran Gallery since it was first launched in 2013.  We provide branding design services for their numerous and highly popular exhibitions across London, showcasing works from contemporary artists and photographers. 


Examples of our work with Loughran Gallery include…


  • Jessica Zoob “Dancing with Colour”
  • Dave White “Sold Out” and “Albion”
  • “#ArtTing”
  • Anniversary Show “ONE” 
  • "Art Takeover" in Muriel's Kitchen


We designed all marketing communication materials for these exhibitions - from invitations, painting labels, price lists, window vinyls, promo cards and web assets through to comprehensive brochures displaying the artists’ works.  We also created the exhibition branding for a number of the Loughran Gallery events including Dancing with Colour, #ArtTing and ONE.


  • Les is just great - he is reliable, patient, and always a pleasure to work with.  I can always trust him to produce just the right thing for the occasion, and he will always go the extra mile with us in getting the very best result we can.  His designs are always above standard and on time, and help keep the gallery looking fresh, fab and contemporary!

    Juliette Loughran // Founder





Loughran Gallery - Exhibition Graphics

  • Exhibition Graphics - '#ArtTing' Window
  • Exhibition Graphics - 'One' Window
  • Exhibition Graphics - 'Sold Out' Poster


Loughran Gallery - Exhibition Marketing Materials

  • Exhibition Markeing Materials - Gallery Brochures
  • Exhibition Marketing Materials - 'Sold Out' Brochures
  • Exhibition Logo - 'One' Anniversary Event


  • Exhibition Markeing Materials - '#ArtTing' Brochure
  • Exhibition Marketing Materials - 'Dancing With Colour' Brochures
  • Exhibition Marketing Materials - 'Albion' Brochure