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Raindance Film Festival


/Trophy Design

The Brief:

Our brief was to design and manage the manufacturing process for a new award – a trophy that would be presented year after year at the Raindance Film Festival.  It needed to reflect their brand personality and stand out from other awards.  It also needed to be lightweight and cost effective and delivered within a very short timeframe.


Our Solution:

After thoroughly researching numerous manufacturing techniques including casting, 3D printing and fabrication we settled on a triptych design, whereby we produced the new trophy with the Raindance ‘R’ captured in three styles, each reflecting the raw individuality and journey of independent film makers: 

  • ‘R’ 1 – A sheet of mild steel which we had laser-cut, then naturally corroded in the elements;
  • ‘R’ 2 - Brushed stainless steel, hand-distressed with a wire brush;
  • ‘R’ 3 - Laser cut stainless steel which we had highly polished, with the category title laser etched into the surface.


Our unique design succeeded in providing Raindance with a trophy that they can proudly present at their annual festival.


  • LC Design were very friendly, incredibly professional and got great work done in a short amount of time and with a tight budget. Highly recommended

    James Burbidge // Raindance Festival Producer




Raindance - Awards Trophy

  • Raindance 1
  • Raindance 2
  • Raindance 3


  • Raindance 4
  • Raindance 5
  • Raindance 6