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Real Time Investments

//Michigan Property Portfolio

/Digital & Print Brochure

The Brief:

Further to the success of the Detroit Property Prospectus we produced for Real Time Investments, we were asked to design a brochure for their new property portfolio product. The brief was to design a brochure that would appeal to a very different customer from the previous brochure - this time targeting significantly higher value investors. This project was again managed in conjunction with copywriter Paul Broadbent.


Our Solution:

Given the different target market of this versus the previous brochure, we needed to create a more refined and serious style.  We opted for a dark blue and white colour palate, leading to a sober and professional look.  The square theme has been carried through from the Detroit brochure, but in this case within in a highly structured manner, whereby the grids formed the flow of the entire brochure. 


We solved their dilemma of how to present information on the various Michigan districts in which they offered investment opportunities by creating a feature called 'district focus', which ran throughout the brochure.  This provided a secondary narrative which not only got across the necessary details, but presented it in a way that livened up each page with more visually striking imagery amongst some of the financial data and information.


The brochure included a non-capacity flap, and as it would be used in both the UK and US, we came up with the idea of making it compatible with both UK A4 and US Letter document sizes.




//Real Time Investments - Property Portfolio

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