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//Literacy Campaigns

/UK & Germany

The Brief:

Develop 'WWE Reading Challenge' campaign materials, targeting school-children and teachers in the UK and Germany.


Our Solution:


WWE UK Literacy Campaign:

LC Design conceptualised and produced all campaign collateral for a nationwide campaign being jointly run by WWE and the National Literacy Trust in UK schools to encourage students to read more.  Our designs had to strike a delicate balance between two very distinct brands - an American entertainment company and a British literacy charity - whilst appealing to school children:  We developed a 'Road to WrestleMania' logo to front the campaign; a poster which was printed and displayed in all participating schools across the UK; and a logbook and certificate as downloadable digital assets for teachers.  We used striking designs, making full use of the available WWE Superstar images whilst communicating a clear and engaging message to students.


WWE German Literacy Campaign:

Following on from our work on WWE’s UK literacy campaign designs, we were also asked to develop all campaign materials when WWE launched the campaign in Germany.    

We produced two German-language A4 brochures, one four pages and the other eight pages and a competition entry card.  Similar to the UK literacy campaign, we again had to ensure a good balance between the WWE brand and their literacy partner, Stiftung Lesen, adhering to strict brand guidelines whilst making it visually interesting to school children as well as informative to teachers.  All content was produced in German language so this project involved laying out all concepts in English for approval by the US team, then overwriting everything in German for the final layout.




//WWE - Literacy Campaigns

  • WWE - Road to WrestleMania Logo Design
  • WWE - Road to WrestleMania Poster Design
  • WWE - German Reading Challenge